CBSE Grade 11 @ Whitefield ECC road

The Deens Academy‘s vision is to empower each child to achieve academic, physiological and artistic excellence through, a creative outlook and a balanced point of view, in an environment that is stimulating, challenging and grounded in values. Every child passing out of The Deens Academy is a complete individual, ready to meet the challenges of an ever-changing global environment”.

Applications for the academic year 2022-23 will be available online from 1st October 2021.  It will primarily be a waitlist form which will be processed on first come first serve based on seat availability.

Please Note:

1.We will not entertain applications for Gunjur PUC college on the basis of request to transfer into the Whitefield campus in the future.

2. We cannot offer changes in the combinations offered.

This process is managed by the admissions officers- Ms Hamsini Murthy & Ms Shweta Bhargava who can be contacted by email, . The will assist you during the admission process.

We will conduct orientation and Question and answer sessions all through September to provide guidance on the admission process.

The courses offered are as follows:

Science Courses

S001: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology- PCMB

S002: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science- PCMC

S003: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics-PCME

S004: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Design &Innovation- PCMD

S005: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Psychology- PCMP

S006: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics Physical Education PCMPe

S007: Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Psychology- PCBP

S008: Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Physical Education- PCBPe

Commerce Courses 

C001:  Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies and Mathematics- AEBM

C002: Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies and Entrepreneurship- AEBEntr

C003: Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies and Design & Innovation- AEBD

C004: Accountancy, Economics, Entrepreneurship  and Physical Education- AEEntrePe

Humanities Courses 

H001: Economics, Psychology, Political Science and Entrepreneurship.- E,PSY,PolSc, Entre

H002: Economics,Psychology, Political Science and Design & Innovation  – E,Psy,Pol Sc, D 

H003: Economics, Entrepreneurship , Political Science and Physical Education- E,Entre,Pol Sc,Pe

H004: Economics, Political Science , Entrepreneurship and Business Studies- E,Pol Sc, Entre, BS

H005: Political Science, Entrepreneurship, Psychology and Design& Innovation – Pol Scn, Entr, Psyc, D

 Curriculum covered in each course 

The selection procedure is as follows:

Based on the online form applicants for Grade 11 will undergo a diagnostic assessment to check aptitude for their chosen stream. Applicants will be tested on Grade 9 & 10 syllabus in the subjects they choose to pursue.

The selected candidates will then be called for an interaction with the Principal and teachers of the academic stream they have chosen.

The interview focuses on:-

i) Applicants aptitude for the chosen stream.

ii) Physical and mental fitness such that the child can seamlessly integrate into the class.

iii) A shared belief for the education of the child between parents and the School

On passing the selection process a letter of confirmation is sent to the parent. Within two days of receipt the processing fee and first installment of the academic fees needs to be paid to enroll the child into the school.

The fee payment needs to be done through Demand Draft or online payments

Details are as follows:

ACCOUNT NO- 920020056866127

After completing the transaction, You would need to send the following details  to along with a signed copy of the declaration form for admission
1. Transaction Receipt No:
2. Date of Transaction.
3. Amount of Transaction:
4. Name of the Student:
5. Class of the Student:

A welcome letter from school seals the process of admission

Fee Structure for Grade XI at Deens Academy Whitefield campus  for the academic year 2021-22 is as follows


Break up of fees Component 1 Component 2 Component 3 Total Processing fees
Science Rs 93000/- Rs 51000/- Rs 24000/- Rs 168000/- Rs 25000/-
Commerce & Humanities Rs 87000/- Rs 48000/- Rs 23000/- Rs 158000/- Rs 25000/-
Design courses in Commerce and Humanities Rs 89000/- Rs 49000/- Rs 24000/- Rs 162000/- Rs 25000/-
Last date Payable within 1 week of offer 5th September 2021 5th January  2022 Payable within 1 week of offer