At The Deens Academy, we believe that the objective of education is not just to inform, but also to empower and transform. With this philosophy at its core, children make the transition from dependence to independence in a secure, stimulating and multi-cultural environment where each child can learn, thrive and achieve his or her fullest potential. . and most importantly, have fun in the process.

Every child is encouraged to explore his or her true potential within a stimulating atmosphere that sparks exploration and creativity. Experienced and knowledgeable teachers help unlock each child’s hidden potential and foster growth, while a versatile curriculum proffers a balanced blend of academic and experiential learning providing the elements that reinforces the larger objective of providing a well-rounded and holistic education.

The Deens Vision is to empower students with skills and talents in natural environs which provides the perfect setting for children to develop a love of learning and achieve academic excellence to enable them to contribute to our dynamic society. We consider the whole to be only as strong as its constituent parts. For ultimately, our mission is to build a sturdy foundation – brick by brick – on which every child can stand firmly and navigate the route to excellence with confidence, courage and conviction.

I never teach my pupils, I only provide them conditions in which they learn.einstien-150x150

Albert Einstein





The child, the brilliance of the future, represented by the diamond, is encompassed in love and nurtured with values , symbolized by the arms of the Deen’s  that shield. The embrace is also fired by a  passion to learn and excel in the dynamics of life. The  child, now a complete individual is empowered to be the fountainhead of knowledge and a competent global player .