At The Deens Academy, we believe that the objective of education is not just to inform, but also to empower and transform. With this philosophy at its core, children make the transition from dependence to independence in a secure, stimulating and multicultural environment where each child can learn, thrive and achieve his or her fullest potential and most importantly, have fun in the process.


  • How old is The Deens Academy?

The Deens Academy came into being in June 2006, we are over a decade old.

  • Does Deens Academy have many branches?

Yes – We have 2 main branches Deens Academy Whitefield ( on ECC road) and Deens Academy Gunjur ( at Kathirguppe) . We also have 2 kindergarten feeder campuses called KiDeens – At Borewell road and at Ramgondanahalli. We also have a PU college at the Gunjur campus

  • Do we need to take admission in further grades of Deens Academy?

Admission into Kindergarten will graduate directly into main campuses- From KiDeens Borewell road to Whitefield campus and KiDeens Ramagondanahalli to Gunjur campus. The children graduate automatically until Grade 10.

From Grade 10 to Grade 11 children would need to reapply . Deens Students however will get priority for Grade 11 and PUC admissions.

  • Do you have Grade-11 and 12 in The Deens Academy?

Yes. CBSE Grade 11 – Science, Commerce and Humanities streams are being offered in Whitefield campus. CBSE Science courses are offered at Gunjur campus. In addition we also offer PUC Science, Commerce and Humanities streams at the Gunjur campus.

  • Who is the grievance  redressal officer?

Our Administrative Officer, Email –  Fax   -28457765

  • What is the period of your academic session?

15th May to 15th April

  • When is the school vacation period?

14th April to 11th May

  •  When do you take new admissions?

Throughout the year whenever there is vacancy