Our vision

The Deens Academy ‘s vision is to empower each child to achieve academic, physiological and artistic excellence through, a creative outlook and a balanced point of view, in an environment that is stimulating, challenging and grounded in values. Every child passing out of The Deens Academy is a complete individual, ready to meet the challenges of an ever-changing global environment.


1. When do I get new application forms ?

Admission season begins around September/ October each year. The Website is updated with timelines and details from August onwards

2. Where do I get the new application forms from?

As admission to all our grades are mainly replacement seats if anyone drops out of school. We normally publish waitlist forms on the website at said timelines every year.  For further details contact our Admissions Officers on

3.Where do I submit the waitlist form?

It can be submitted online.

4. What is the cost of  waitlist/ application form?

It is Free!

5. What happens after I submit the waitlist form?

When seats fall vacant we source details from the waitlist forms and send the applicants forms .

After reviewing your application, an assessment/ interaction is conducted to process the admission.

6.What is the criteria for selection during interaction?

Applications are processed for kindergarten based on the following criteria

a) First come first serve

b) The age criteria for KiDeens and Grade 1 which we strictly adhere to is

* age as of 1st June of the joining year

Tod – 2 years and above
Pg –  3 years and above
Lkg – 4 years and above
Ukg – 5 years and above
Grade 1- 6years and above

c) Physical and mental fitness such that the child can seamlessly integrate into the class.

d) A shared belief for the education of the child between parents and the School

Applicants for grade 1-9 will need to undergo a diagnostic assessment test before they come for interaction

 7.Is there an admission test?

A diagnostic assessment to determine the child’s academic level will be conducted for all applicants for grades 1-11. Applicants will be tested on the previous years first term syllabus . The details of the subjects per grade is as follows

Grades 1-9: English, Math, EVS/ Science and 2nd Language

Applicants for Grade 11 will be tested for their chosen stream.

The application process is completed when a parent receives an admission notice.