Student Council

On entry into grade 1, all students become members of a House to foster a spirit of leadership, cooperation, mutual understanding, tolerance and self-reliance. Various inter-house activities are organised to build team spirit. The House system gives opportunities to students to participate in inter-house competitions. Each House is led by a House Mistress from the teaching staff who oversees the well-being and social development of members of the House.

The four houses have Latin names, each indicating qualities to be valued:-

  • Flavus (yellow-truth),
  • Rubrus (red-strength),
  •  Caeruleus (blue-integrity)
  •  Prasinus (green-valour).

The Houses are graded in the areas of: (a) Sport (b) The Arts (c) Discipline

The Senior Student council

The President heads the school council who along with his/her Vice president , Discilpine monitor, Editor and Sports captain. Each house has House Captains, Vice captains  and prefects who are chosen from among the senior students of each house through a process of secret ballot. The nominees, chosen by the  teaching faculty, are allowed to campaign for a week before voting day. Students from Grade 4 to 12  vote for their respective house captain and prefects.

The Junior Student council also has its house captain and prefect who undertake house activities during school assemblies and inter house competition.

The Student Councils are then sworn into office in a formal Investiture Ceremony and undertake responsible for the general discipline of the School.