YFM – Uniform Store


All Uniform requirements are available at the ‘Proshop’ operated by our vendor YOUNIFORM. After the initial sale is completed Pro-Shop accepts order through their Online Portal or you also order via email sachin.youniform@gmail.com or you may contact the customer care on :  Mr Venu: venu@yfm.co.in. , 7795648490,Mr. Ganesh :09582210951.

The YFM store operates out of the Gunjur campus and is open 6 days of the week. Kindly contact Mr Venu, our store manager before visiting the store.

1. Pro Shop Supervisor : Venu Gopal :7795648490, 7338522136, Email: venug014@gmail.com
2.  Sales Manager : Parvesh Tomar :09999538625 Email: parvesh.tomar@youniform.co.in
3.  Director : Sachin Sahni : 09971385890 Email:Sachin.youniform@gmail.com

Uniform distribution schedule 2022 (click to open)