The Admissions process for all 4 campuses of Deens Academy is managed by the admissions team- Mrs Hamsini M Murthy & Mrs Shweta Bhargava who can be contacted by email,

At the Deens Academy admissions are processed through out the year to accommodate children whenever there are vacancies. Based on availability of seats the admissions officer will send you a link where you can fill in the application which can be submitted online.

The schedule for admission processes for Whitefield campus  for the next academic year is as follows:

slno Action Date Day
1. Enquiry forms for Grade 11 CBSE in WF and GJ CLICK HERE ( Please note Whitefield campus admissions are closed. We are currently accepting applications for Gunjur Campus and PUC only. ) Wednesday
2 Online orientation and Q& A sessions for KiDeens Kideens Orientation session 1
Time: Nov 3, 2023 09:00 AM India
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Meeting ID: 812 8963 5108
Passcode: 106057

Kideens Orientation session 2
Time: Nov 9, 2023 09:00 AM India
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Meeting ID: 875 2613 7962
Passcode: 061454

Nov 3rd

Friday and Nov 9th


3. Online enquiry/waitlist  forms for KiDeens CLICK HERE on 15th November at 9am  
4. Online orientation and Q& A sessions for WF G1-10 Grades 1-9 – session 1
Time: Nov 24, 2023 09:00 AM India
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Meeting ID: 893 0471 6170
Passcode: 629818
Grades 1-9 – session 2

Dec 1, 2023 09:00 AM India
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Meeting ID: 848 5079 6672
Passcode: 356347
5. Enquiry  forms for G1-9 CLICK HERE on 6th December 2023 at 9am Wednesday

*Check details of other campuses on their respective admissions pages

The admission team handles admissions for all campuses centrally from the Deens Academy Gunjur office.

Face to face discussions can be scheduled with prior appointments on days when we do not have online interactions. Walk in enquiries will not be entertained. Kindly call on 6363541941 or email admissions@deensacademy for scheduling a meeting. The website and orientations session would however be self explanatory you are requested to use the same extensively for information

SCHOOL TOURS  are arranged on working Saturdays from now until the end of year.

Kindly click on the campus to fill in a google form to choose which date and time slot suits you.

We will send you an email with instructions and updates a few days prior to the visit.

The Deens Academy Whitefield campus ( Grade 1-12 only) KiDeens Borewell road (Toddlers/PG/LKG/UKG)
Deens Academy Gunjur  campus( Kindergarten/ Grade 1-12/ PUC) KiDeens Ramagondanahalli Campus  (Toddlers/PG/LKG/UKG)

The Deens Educational institutions are managed by the Deens Educational Trust and our founder Principal Mrs. Shanthi Menon open

Here are the names of the various branches of the school. Please click on the name to connect to the admission pages you are interested in.

Deens Academy Whitefield on  ECC road : Grade 1 to Grade 10

CBSE – Senior secondary – Grade 11 and 12

KiDeens Borewell Road – Toddler to UKG

KiDeens Ramagondanahalli – Toddler to UKG

Deens Academy  Gunjur – Playgroup to Grade 12

Deens Academy Gunjur PU College

Fee structure and schedule of payments