Student activities

Student councilThe Student council consists of the President , Vice President and Sports Captain. Each House  in addition to their Captain , Vice Captain and Prefects also has Cultural Ministers, Discipline directors and News and Media representatives who  coordinate with the staff and management for student discipline, activities and events etc. Click for more details

Life Skill Activities: Every class has a life skill period every week. Here the class teacher or mentor teacher facilitates a discussion or activity to enhance an age appropriate life skill. They include using a fork and knife, folding a shirt, basic first aid, checking expiry dates on consumables, segregation of waste, peeling and grating vegetables etc.. Students of grades 6-12 need to provide evidence 2-3 hours of compulsory social or community work in addition to assisting class teachers in maintaining the classroom, coordinating Parent teacher meetings etc.

Assemblies: The Deens school assemblies are often much more than a regular morning gathering of prayer and news reading. Our School assemblies offer an opportunity for every child to come up and address the gathering atleast once a year. The KiDeens Assemblies have values presented from stories and each class presents an asembly on festivals like Independence day, Dushera and Christmas. Senior students pick a topic they are passionate about and present a student talk. Assemblies are hosted both gradewise and house wise.

Each grade presents a special assembly on a topic with a song, skit and sometimes a dance numbers for its grade students attended by the parents. Here the focus is on values ( each month is assigned one) June is conformity, followed by honesty, respect, courtesy , hard work , attitude etc..The practice of reflection and spelling out these values  helps students  focus upon the positive aspects of themselves that they can value and build on.

On a subtle but powerful level the reiteration of the the theme value is a reminder of its importance of each individual pupil including their individual thoughts and abilities.Overall the assembly helps children start the day with some positive note.

Math Club

The Deens Academy Math Club is a group of 11th graders who meet weekly (currently via video conferencing) to discuss math problems beyond what is done at school, under the mentorship of Prof. Bharath Sethuraman. A few of its members had recently worked on the n queens problem. This problem deals with arranging queens (n > 3) on an n x chessboard in such a manner that no queen can attack another queen. In other words, no two queens should lie on the same row, column or diagonal. The problem has many solutions, in this paper they have presented one of them along with a mathematical proof using the concept of slopes. The paper featured in the November issue of the mathematics magazine ‘At Right Angles’ published by Azim Premji University.  Read More….