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Deen-a-logue November 2021

Children of Grade 7 and 8 explore the philosophy of change and have written some beautiful passages on this subject. Do have a look– Deen-a- logue Nov 2021 ( be change you want to see ) ……click to read more Read More »

Deen-a-logue October 2021

“October is best known for its Halloween festivities and many international events. Children contributed their perspective through articles and art. The issue includes excerpts of a virtual tour and activities done in various classes. “ Read More…. Click on image to download PDF  Read More »

Waitlist Forms 2022-23

As an organization Deens Academy is tied by the class numbers we would like to maintain. Most of our grades in all campuses run full capacity at all times and our admissions to all grades are primarily replacement seats which will be filled as and when vacancies are registered due to withdrawal or transfers are requested from the previous grade. ... Read More »

Deen-a-logue September 2021

Stories help us explain everything in our experience from science to relationships, from feelings to memories, and from questions to objections. And with every story we hear, read, or listen, our mind makes cognitive and emotional connections that shape our perspective of the world.  Click to read more   Read More »

Deen-a-logue August 2021

Celebrating the commencement of the festival season in India, our August edition features contributions from students from Grade 5-8 . click here to read more : Letter August Deens Read More »

Deen-a-logue July 2021

As Plato has said -“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”Art of appreciating the divine, the nature, the sounds of nature and creatures of the world in any form –poem, painting, sculpture, murals, creative writings and music-vocal & instrumental- is a God-given talent. Music being the theme on ... Read More »

Deen-a-logue June 2021

A brand new year commences with a newsletter featuring Nature as its central theme. Click on the image to download PDF Read More »

School Magazine

Presenting the School Magazine for 2021- Crepitus Creo Each mind held a universe of ideas and artistic tastes, which fluidly converged together into the single, harmonic vision that you see flowing beautifully across this magazine’s length. The time we spent working on this endeavour has been a fulfilling experience for us, and we’re pleased to make our contribution to Crepitus ... Read More »

Classes in 2021

All grades, kindergarten to 12/PUC , will follow the hybrid mode of classes. Attendance of students  will be mandatory in offline classes, at half capacity in batches. Batches will alternate offline and online classes, each week. The details of this arrangement will be informed to you just prior to reopening of each grade. Safety policies being followed are as follows- ... Read More »

Deen-a-logue February 2021

Love is exhibited in different ways and our students chose to depict it in their creative writings, paintings and photographs. This issue of Deen-a-Logue is a reciprocation to the unconditional love and support given by their parents and teachers. Hope you enjoy reading this collection! Read More Read More »