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Science Week- February 2020

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination. These are the traits of a real scientist” – Albert Einstein   Nurturing and refining young minds is the essence of Science Day scheduled to be held at Deens Academy in February, 2020.  An event held in the honor of our great scientist, Dr.CV ... Read More »

Constitution Day 26th November

EVENT REPORT- CONSTITUTION DAY by Samikshya Panda Grade 11 In November 2015, our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi declared the 26th of November to be celebrated as ‘Constitution Day’. Honouring so, this year’s batch of Grade 11 Political Science students chose their juniors to duly celebrate and learn more about the constitution with. Our focus was on the primary ... Read More »

Thief of Hearts- Short story by Inba Nagarajan

 Thief of Hearts A story by Inba Nagarajan- Grade 5 This story is based on an event that took place thousands of years ago in the period between 430 BC – 404 BC in ancient Greece. There are many unspoken heroes in the history of Greece, one such hero was the “Thief of Hearts”. During this period Greece was a ... Read More »

DMUN ( Intra MUN) 2019 Report

Deenites are always up for a challenge and the Model United Nations is definitely the kind of challenge they look forward to. Only a year old, the DMUN stepped up its game with larger participation and increased fervour among students and teachers alike. With a total of five dynamic committees ranging from the International Court of Justice to the Indian ... Read More »

Volksfiesta 2019 – Kindergarten

Volksfiesta – On August 17th at Deens Academy Gunjur campus Petite parade: A team of 5-7 children who are below the age of 4 ( age as on June 2019) will perform a fashion parade with outrageous designs  and colours on the theme: Chaos to Couture. The time limit for the performance inclusive of entry and exit and introduction is ... Read More »

Volksfiesta 2019 – Grades 1-5

Volksfiesta – On August 17th at Deens Academy Gunjur campus Graffiti MS paint: A team of 2 students ( one from Grade 1 and one from Grade 2)  will  create a poster using Microsoft Paint on the topic – Out in the Garden which features a minimum 6 things within 30 minutes with a buffer of 10 minutes for explanations ... Read More »

Volksfiesta 2019 – Grades 6-8

Volksfiesta – On August 17th at Deens Academy Gunjur campus Broadway melody: Hollywood Musical dance drama by a team of 8-10 members  in a ten minute display of talent. The time is inclusive of entry exit and stage set up. This can be preceded by a 1 minute announcement to introduce their presentation. The music of the presentation needs to ... Read More »

Volksfiesta 2019 – Grades 9-12

Volksfiesta – On August 17th at Deens Academy Gunjur campus 1.Quality Circle Presentation–  A group of  5 students and a teacher/mentor/facilitator. identify a problem in their respective school/locality that needs to be resolved. The team needs to brainstorm on solutions and find ways to implement them. This process needs to be presented with evidence in a 10 minute slot of ... Read More »

Volksfiesta – 15th to 17th August 2019

We welcome you and your team to our annual interschool fest “Volksfiesta” 15th to 17th August 2019 We believe in fun, free and fair competition. We would be grateful for your participation and will work with you to make it a highly successful event. General details of the competition: Participants need to bring their respective school ID cards as proof ... Read More »