Student Counsellor


Sama Adil our In-house counsellor and Child Psychologist, works with children and adults. She aims at understands and resolving behavioural and emotional issues related to mental health.

Sama has more than 8 years’ of experience working with children as a counsellor, while also conducting regular workshops with students, parents and corporate offices related to mental well-being. She uses Talk, Play, Drama and Art therapies while working with children, teenagers, adults and their families. Sama’s area of expertise is in dealing with relational issues including communication, conflict resolution; emotional issues including anxiety, depression, grief/loss, guilt, anger management; stress reduction, time management, transition and personal growth.

Academic History

A psychology and communications graduate with a Masters in Industrial Psychology and HR, Sama is currently doing a double masters, pursuing her MSc in Psychology from Jain University. She has received her certification in counselling from Parivarthan and Manford Wellness, she is also certified Image Consultant and Life coach from the London Image Institute and Academy of Image Mastery, Singapore.


Passionate, well-travelled, personable, and poised, she enjoys sharing her values based knowledge and experience while delivering hands-on, practical and informative solutions to her students and clients. Her sessions always receive a popular feedback and there are always requests for sessions to last longer as the takeaways have overwhelmingly been empowering and life-changing.

Sama is vision driven, and handles each individual or group with her calm, easy and, enabling energy calm and easy energy allowing students and participants to comfortably open up to her. She uses many solution-oriented approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy, existential counseling, solution focused therapy, brief focused therapy, play therapy and parenting skills counseling while working with individuals and groups.

In her free time she likes to cloud gaze with her son, doodle, bake for friends and family or devote herself to an elaborate DIY project.