Deens Academy@Gunjur Road

The Deens Academy ‘s vision is to empower each child to achieve academic, physiological and artistic excellence through, a creative outlook and a balanced point of view, in an environment that is stimulating, challenging and grounded in values. Every child passing out of  Deens Academy is a complete individual, ready to meet the challenges of an ever-changing global environment.”

Admissions to the Deens Academy Gunjur are processed throughout the year where ever there is a vacancy. As we are not adding any new sections to this campus, new admissions will therefore be based  purely on seats vacated due to transfers.

Waitlist forms for year 2023-24 were available online since October 2022. Based on availability of seats we will share the application forms and conduct the interactions to process the admissions at a later date.

Presently the waitlist enquiries of most grades far exceed the number of seats available so we are unable to accept new requests for most grades .

Here are some grades where there are some seats available.

CBSE Grade 11 Gunjur campus

PCMB/ PCMC/ PCME streams only

Please send an email to
PUC applications will be available on webpage 9am, 7th October ( Fri)

Kindly note that we will not entertain applications from other branches on the basis of request to transfer into the Whitefield campus in the future.

The admission process  is managed by the admissions officers Ms Hamsini M Murthy & Ms Shweta Bhargava whose physical office is located in the Gunjur campus. They can be contacted by email, .  They will assist you during the admission process.

You can view the virtual tour of the school at the following link

Walk in enquiries will not be entertained.

The selection procedure is as follows:

Based the availability of seats the admissions office will send the application form to the waitlisted applicants.

For applying you would need soft copies of your photographs ( child and parents), birth certificate and the immunisation record.  After submission there will be an interview call sent by email based on which admission is processed.

Applicants for the next academic year 2023-24 will be invited for an interaction. Invitations are based on the following criteria:-

a)  First come first serve

b)  The age criteria for Kindergarten which we strictly adhere to is:-

  • Playgroup (3yrs) : Born on or before 1st  June 2020
  • LKG (4yrs): Born on or before 1stJune 2019
  • UKG (5yrs) : Born on or before 1st  June 2018
  • Grade 1 (6yrs) : Born on or before 1st  June 2017

c)  Applicants for grade 1-9 will need to undergo a diagnostic assessment  to determine the child’s academic level.

d) Applicants for Grade 11 will be tested in the subjects that they have applied for.

Applicants will be tested on the previous year’s first term syllabus. The details of the subjects per grade are as follows:-

KiDeens: Only verbal interaction with the child and parents

Grades 1-9: English, Math,  Science and 2nd Language*

Grade 11: Subjects as per the combination chosen –

PCMB: English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology

PCMC: English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Computer Science

PCME: English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Economics

  •  Language options are as follows:
  • Grade Compulsory languages 2nd language 3rd Language
    1-4 English, Kannada Hindi/Kannada/ Urdu Not applicable
    5 English, Kannada Hindi/Kannada/ Urdu

    Intro to French

    Not applicable
    6-8 English, Kannada Hindi/Kannada/ Urdu/French/ Hindi/Kannada/ Urdu /French


    9-10 English Hindi/Kannada/ Urdu/French Not applicable
  • The selected candidates will then be called for an interaction with the Principal/ Admissions officer
  • The interview focuses on:
  1. Physical and mental fitness such that the child can seamlessly integrate into the class.
  2. A shared belief for the education of the child between parents and the School.
  • On passing the selection process a letter of confirmation is sent to the parent. Within one week of confirmation, the processing fee and first installment of the academic fees needs to be paid to enroll the child into the school.
  • The fee payment needs to be done through Demand Draft or online payments to the accounts mentioned on the declaration form.
  • The declaration form is part of the admission offer and clearly explains the fee structure and payment schedule.A brief outline is listed below.

After completing the transaction, You would need to email the following details  to
1. Transaction Receipt No:
2. Date of Transaction.
3. Amount of Transaction:
4. Name of the Student:
5. Class of the Student:
6. Signed copy of the declaration form

The only document to be submitted in addition to documents submitted in application form is a signed copy of the declaration form along with copy of aadhar card.

A welcome letter from school seals the process of admission.

Before the opening day of the next academic year we request all new admission students to kindly submit a physical copy of the admission form with the relevant documents at the reception desk. Incase any information or documents are missing, kindly keep the admissions office( or Admin Office( informed so that we can create the appropriate remedies.

Fee structure and payments schedule for the  academic year 2023-24 is as follows

Grade First  Component (1) Second Component (2) Third Component (3) Total fees   (1+2+3)
KIDEENS(PG,LKG,UKG) Rs.72,000 Rs.39,000 Rs.19,000 Rs. 1,30,000
G1-G10 Rs.82,000 Rs.45,000 Rs.21,000 Rs.1,48,000
G11 Rs.88,000 Rs.49,000 Rs.21,000 Rs.1,58,000
Last date of payment Within one week of admission offer 5th September 2023 5th January 2024

**Additionally a onetime Rs 25000/- is payable along with first component of fees to process the admission.