Awards & Accolades- Senior school 2020

Our Grade12 Batch of 2020-21 are now getting placed in premier institutes


Congratulations to all the winners who performed exceptionally well in the events organized online by schools and bagged prizes !!

  • Manas Harish and Disha Aggarwal of 12-C participated in IGNITE- Team Event organized by Greenwood High School and bagged the First Prize.
  • Arushi Kumar, Rayan Ahmed of 9E and Shiya Sharma of 9A bagged the Second prize in LIVE IT SKETCH IT SHARE IT organized by Vydehi School of Excellence.
  • Svasti Sharad Gupta won the First prize in Poetry Recitation Competition organized by Vydehi School Excellence and made us proud.
  • Shiva Nadar School New Delhi had organized an event, Kaafila 2020 and two of our students participated. Pranjali Sinha was the winner in the Own Composition (Hindustani) category and Priya Gondhia won under the category, Own Composition (Western).
  • TISB organized an event XAVAGE and our school team won prizes in the category- Madison Avenue. 1st Place- Samikshya Panda, Diya Jayachandran, Saniya Pitkar. 2nd Place- Tamanna Sharraf, Harishraj Srinivasan, Saba Sehar
  • Under the category The Inquirer, First Place was bagged by – Nikita Chopra and Third Place was bagged by Medini Sunderrajan
  • Bishop Cotton Boys hosted online an event ‘Resurgence’ and our school team, Taruni Athreya-12C, Harishraj Srinivasan-12C, Manas Poddar-12C , participated and won the First Prize under the category Corporate Warfare.
  • TISB hosted an online event VIVUM, a fundraising event for charities chosen by the students. Our students won prizes under various categories and made us proud yet again.
  • Priya Gondhiya of 12D participated in Body Canvas while Vidwaan Singhania of 10 C participated in TT and won the First Prize. Bhavana Sarath of 12 D participated in Poetry Slam and won the Second Prize. Our school team, Kushal, Bhavana and Prahlad participated under the category Sell Up and bagged the Second place.
  • Gopalan National School hosted an online event CONSONANCE and two of our talented students, Manjari  Pathak of 10 E and  Preet Mohan Sainani  of 11C participated under the Western category and won the competition.
  •  Hrdya Hiran of 9D and and Taruni of 12 C participated in an online event AHAM organized by DPS South under the categories ET TU BRUTE(theatre) and FIDUCIAM (public speaking) and bagged the Second positions in their respective categories.
  • DPS East organized an event, Media Fest– IRIDIA- and one of our dexterous students, Vidwaan Singhania participated and bagged the Second Prize under the category Capture Media.
  • Our school team of four talented students, Paarth, Diya J., Saniya Pitkar & Arhaan Khan participated under the category MAD-Ads-media in Media Fest—IRIDIA organized by DPS East and bagged the 2nd position and did us proud.Congratulations to all the winners!