Library: Procedures and Policies

Kindergarten and Grades 1 to 5 have a class library. The students can contribute 2-3 books per term to share with their classmates. These will be returned at the end of the term. Please ensure that all books are labelled before you send them through your child for the class library.

The Library at the Admin block is equipped with over 15,000 educational and recreational books as well as other multimedia resources for both, the students and staff, to access. The spacious, airy library has been designed to foster an interest in books and is intended to offer every child the opportunity to explore and develop his or her individual interests. It often becomes a hub for all projects done by the students. The library uses an integrated management system that ensures efficient day-to-day running, circulation and inventory management.

Library Rules

The students, faculty, and staff of The Deens Academy share the responsibility of maintaining an environment which allows the library to serve the needs of all.

Patrons are expected to maintain a quiet and courteous atmosphere and to respect the rules of the school as well as those specific to the library.

Students, who fail to comply with rules in the library, will be given a verbal warning. If it is during regular class time and the misbehavior continues, the student will be sent to the class teacher. If this occurs during recess, the student will be asked to leave. Severe disturbance or repeated offenses will be  dealt with by the Principal. Parents will be notified about the student’s behavior.

Issue, Return and Renewal

Library card:

A library card is issued to every student when the student joins the school.

This card is to be maintained through his stint in the school and needs to be returned before every vacation commences.

In case of loss or damage, the library card is replaced at a cost of Rs 50/


(a)Students are permitted to borrow only 1 book for a period of one week

(b) Book may be renewed unless requested by another person  or if the patron has overdue books.

(c) A fine of Rs.30/- will be levied for every day beyond the due date.

(d) All books borrowed by students have to be returned  before any vacation.

(e) Failure to return the issued library book before the end of February will entail the child not being permitted to take the final examinations. 

(g) Issue of books will cease 10 days prior to any long holidays.

Reference Material: All reference books like encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlas etc are strictly for reference, to be used in the library.  

Sub-Lending Of Borrowed Books

Sub-lending of books borrowed from the Library is not permissible. They may get spoiled, damaged or lost while in somebody else’s possession and may result in their late return, thereby entailing a fine for you.

Loss of or Damage to Books

Loss or damage to a book shall have to be made good by the borrower. You will be required to replace the book with a new copy of the same title and latest edition. In case you are unable to procure the same from the market, you may be allowed to pay the current price of the book as ascertained from the publisher’s catalogue.

Reservation of Books

Members are allowed to make reservation for any book they need. A formal Reservation Slip should be filled in and handed over to the Librarian. Members will be informed of the availability of the book when it is returned by the other member.

Recall of Issued Books

Sometimes there may be a heavy demand for a book which has been borrowed by you. The Librarian then can request the return of the same for the use of others.

Renewal of Issue

The issue of a book may be further renewed for a period of two weeks on the production of book, if there is no other request for the same.

Suspension of Privileges

·         If any student is found removing Library property without formal permission, his/her membership privileges may be suspended for some time.

·         If any student is found not abiding by the library’s code of conduct, his/her membership privileges may be suspended.