Family Wellness sessions

Remote learning has taken an emotional, mental and developmental toll on the lives of all children. Many have fallen behind in their studies, missed out on big milestones and suffered from a lack of peer interaction that helps develop crucial social skills. With schools reopening,with all safety provisions, promising a more stable, interactive learning environment, the transition also presents new mental health challenges for students and parents alike.
Even though in-person learning is usually best for their physical and mental health overall, it could take a while for children to adapt back especially with things being hybrid and not completely offline. Kids are resilient, but they also function from an emotional point of view but without the complete maturity to process those emotions in a healthy way. Parental support is essential to a kid’s success in school. But as students grow more independent and develop and process their identity, it can be hard for parents to know which situations call for involvement and which call for a more behind-the-scenes approach.
Keeping this in mind we are planning a series of sessions to help parents understand teenage brain development, enable them empathise with their kids and realize their teenager is not out to get them. They are not your enemy. In fact,chances are, your child is doing the very best they can. There’s A LOT going on emotionally A LOT!

In our sustained endeavour to offer a healthy growing environment to our children, Deens Academy initiates Family Wellness sessions – online workshops for parents,  with counsellors on relevant helpful topics.

Please note below the tentative schedule for the same.

Parenting styles and decision making – How to hold on to your kids 11-6-2022
Yoga and You 18-6-2022
Brain development and learning styles 9-7-2022
Helping your adolescent succeed – Discipline and punishment&  Rules and independence 13-8-2022
Reducing conflicts and enhancing positivity- Focusing on the good, creating memories 10-9-2022
Coping with daily  stress and frustration & Building EQ in self and fostering EQ in children 8-10-2022
Substance abuse prevention 12-11-2022
Communication problems and strategies – Promoting non-violent solutions& Dealing with anger and aggression 10-12-2022
Structure and limits :preventing and managing problem behaviour 14-01-2023
Dealing with your child’s emerging sexuality 11-02-2023
Single parent session 11-03-2023