VOLKSFIESTA 2022 will be conducted at our Gunjur campus this year between 24th and 27th August. Click on the image for more details

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On August 28th and 29th, Deens MUN 2020 was held. DMUN is the inter-school Model United Nations conference hosted by our school, where students of Deens and other learning institutions were encouraged to participate in understanding and attempting to effectively solve global issues in a competitive but learning-based environment. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, for its 3rd edition, DMUN was held in an entirely virtual setting. With 5 committees, each with a captivating agenda, the MUN was an exhilarating and novel experience. The CCC or the Russkaya Executive Comitet was a committee that kept its delegates on their toes with new crises almost every half an hour and the All India Political Parties Meet (AIPPM) displayed voracious and engaging debate. From the Chinese Politburo, a first-time committee in the Bangalore circuit, to the revered Historic Security Council, to the accommodating SOCHUM; every committee was special in its own way and contributed to making the event all the more enticing.

The two-day conference was filled with stimulating discussions, riveting debates, and pragmatic resolutions, and every delegate that attended will certainly look back upon this time with fond memories. The smooth execution of this event owes to the efforts of the students that were part of the Organizing Committee, the Executive Board, the Logistics team, and most importantly the teacher facilitators, Ms. Rini Muraleedharan and Mr. Shiva Kumar

Write-up  by Yuvika for DMUN’20

Winners of DMUN’20:

1. Russkaya Executive Komitet (CCC):

Best Delegate – Rohan Doddavaram
Outstanding Delegate – Jyotirmay Agrawal
Honourable Delegate – Swadesh Narsimhan
Honourable Delegate – Satansu Mohanty

2. Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM): 

Best Delegate – Devdutt Pradeep
Outstanding Delegate – Algin Thomas
Honourable Delegate – Manaswini Mishra
Honourable Delegate – Arjun Manoj
Honourable Delegate – Stuti Sinha

3. Historic Security Council:

Best Delegate – Ryan Pillai
Outstanding Delegate – Anindita Saha
Honourable Delegate – Prahlad Srinivasan

4. Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party:

Best Delegate – Abhroneel Ghosh
Outstanding Delegate – Mrigank Jain
Honourable Delegate – Rajath
Honourable Delegate – B V Sai Rishi

5. All India Political Party Meet (AIPPM)

Best Delegate – Aakash Dwivedi
Outstanding Delegate – Akshat Kumar
Honourable Delegate – Shashank Shenoy
Honourable Delegate – Tamanna Suresh