Deenest Testimonials

Aditi as well as we parents are very happy, no issues…Awesome day care.

Thanks & Regards,

Dear ma’ams – Dilafroze, Naveeda and Bindhu

Today is Abhinav’s last day at Deenest

Each of you have been so kind and loving to Abhinav – helping him settle down into daycare, being patient with the child , helping him build confidence and mingling with kids and giving your best every day. Of course big hugs to the dear aunties — their dedicated love and support has helped in the nurture – a big Thank you to all!

Abhinav will surely miss your dear company and as parents we will miss interacting with you daily.

This is Not goodbye’s – will stay connected with you!

Thank you again!

Best Regards
Ramya & Mani p/o Abhinav, DeeNest-daycare

phone – +91 96633 75512

Dear DeeNest,

It is hard to say Good Bye to you. You are more than a day care for Eesha and Avni, more precisely a home after school. We have had a great experience all through the stay of my daughters. I felt safe and secure knowing that my daughters are in great hands. Loved the open place, the play area, children park. We loved to hear daily about the things Avni experienced & learnt. We appreciate that the staff is also actually teaching them not just watching them and when they were ill, a very good care was offered.

Thank you Dilafroze Ma’am, Navida ma’am, Kianat ma’am, Mary ma’am, Poornima ma’am Jinu ma’am, Suja ma’am and all aunties for all  your love and care at different moments.

At Last I want to say that, You all are special to Eesha & Avni

Thank you so much
Roopali (Mother of Eesha & Avni)

Dear Team,
It has been a wonderful journey for Bhagath with DeeNest. Bhagath being a very active kid, his nature was well understood by you and was taken care accordingly. He was given the necessary time and space to get accustomed to his new sorroundings. His learning curve is on the rise and we are very happy that Bhagath is a part of DeeNest.
Thanks and Regards,
Keerthy Suresh (p/o Bhagath, DeeNest-daycare.
9739649948, 9597967666

Hello Deenest Team,

Greetings from my side.

Feedback from our side about the Deenest is very positive. I am very happy with the care which is provided to Jiya Mane. The support staff also is very nice and we never heard any complaints from the child about it.
Jiya looks forward to go to Deenest and talks a lot about what has she been doing.
Our concerns whenever we had were always heard with patience and a solution was implemented straightaway. My special thanks to Dilafroze Madam who is the face of Deenest for us,She is very kind and approachable.
I am happy to send my daughter to Deenest and work peacefully without any worries.
Thank you team for your good work.
p/o Jiya Mane,

Dear Ma’am,
Our journey with you, the other teachers and the school as a whole has been very good. The fact that my child still misses going to her school proves that she has had an amazing time at school all throughout. There have been instances when I as a parent have requested to for certain things and you ensured that all of which is taken care of or implemented at the earliest and I am really glad about it. The only thing which according to me could be changed is the morning school timing. If the timing is kept as 8.30 am it would be easier for parents to drop their little ones while avoiding the peak rush time of 8.10 am.
Once again thank you so much for taking good care of my child 🙂

Thanks and Regards,
Ruchika Nath
p/o Aarika Nath
Toddler programme..June 2017-2018


Dearest Dilafroze ma’am,

We sent Abhay to you as a little baby, and we have seen him grow into a well rounded little toddler under your watchful eye. Right from the first month, we noticed the remarkable change in how he interacted socially, with adults and children alike. He learned to eat independently and well ( something I struggled to teach him for months).
We saw how he took ‘turns’ to play ( most of the time) and learned to share his things, all things he learned in class with his teachers, aunties and friends. He even sings a little song and ‘cleans up’ when I ask him to. We are so pleased with how he has developed throughout the year.

That’s how we feel. But most importantly, Abhay himself has loved school everyday. After the first two days, He settled right in ( I thought it would take him much longer than that).
He went to school  cheerfully and came back full of stories, of all the fun activities he did in school that day and funny anecdotes about all his friends. The feedback we received from you at each PTM was also so reassuring for us as parents. And the icing on the cake. Was the final PTM and the dance. It was wonderful to see not only Abhay, but all the children perform so well and confidently in front of so many strange faces. It was really something.

It has been a beautiful year for us and him and we are very grateful to you all for all the care and effort you have put in, for our little ones.

Thanking you,
p/o Abhay Bhandari,
Toddler programme..June 2017—2018


Hello Ma’am,

Warm Regards !! Absolutely Needless to say as a parent we always look for best for our child and spend a lot of time doing research to find the best thing for them.We as a parent think, Phalak has been extremely lucky to find the right environment, inculcating good foundation, good friends, right basics, and a caring atmosphere. We are thankful to you and your staff for imparting right kind of learning to her.

Its a nostalgic feeling to see that Phalak wont be stepping in that class, as progression & change is the constant thing, thanks for giving our child the right kind of environment and helping her to become independent.

I will strongly recommend the programme in my known circle.

Ashish and Richa Gupta,
9844815883 / 7353997788
p/o Phalak Gupta,
DeeNest-toddler programme June 2017–18


Hi Ma’am,

Hope you are doing good… Aryan is missing all of you. He thinks that Mary ma’am must be crying because he is going to another day care

We are very much happy and satisfied with the service that we got from Deenest during the summer vacation. That was the first time we are seeing him reaching  his ideal weight in last 5 years. Thank you very much for the attention that you and your team paid on Aryan!!!!!!

We would like to avail the facility, on a daily basis in case we get in to some emergency, as we discussed on last day after summer vacation. Could you please share the holiday list for kideens? In case we need the facility for a day, how early we should be informing you?

Preetha, (parent of)
Whitefield Global School