Deepa R

Ms. Deepa R (Vice Principal)
The Deens Academy, ECC Road, Whitefield.
Phone: +918028454474 

With Empathy as her foremost trait ,our Vice-Principal Ms Deepa is known for her diplomatic approach. A strong team player,she is  enthused to work with dynamic teams from where she too strives to evolve and equip herself with new skills every day. With her team she ardently follows the notion,“if we derive joy out of learning then marks/grades automatically follow”

She is a certified Life Skills trainer and began her career in the corporate field as a Soft skills Trainer for which she received much appreciation and awards. After a brief career as a freelance Training Consultant, she joined the field of education to interact with a younger audience.

At the beginning of her career in Education she was a rank holder in her Bachelor degree in Education. Soon she won accolades in education too. One among them was ” The Outstanding Teacher Award from New Horizon College of Education in the year 2012″

Equipped with a Masters Degree in English, she has taught  almost all grades in school, beginning with story telling for junior to English literature for middle and senior school. Soon she also worked in the capacity of Vice Principal and Head of Institution for 4 years.  She is considered a CBSE English Resource Person having worked as the Centre Superintendent for most of the CBSE Examinations. She  was also engaged as a Nodal Supervisor  where she effectively conducted UGC NET , NEET and board exams for many years.

Her deep love for books fuels her talent in story telling to impart soft skills in children. A True Bangalorean, along with her more serious pursuits she also dabbles with poetry and  sang as a part of a choir. She believes in the ideology….

Education is all about Learning and enhancing the knowledge and using that knowledge to passionately follow ones’ dream”.