We strive to collaborate with Parents to bring up children in a well rounded atmosphere in school. Parents are encourage to participate, view and applaud children through the various activities in school.

Events such as Special assemblies, Dad/Mom/ Grandparent & Me, Resonart, Volksfiesta, Sports and Annual days offer opportunities for celebrations inside the school environment.

Jamborees( KiDeens) and Commingle ( Deens) are planned Parent teacher meetings at the end of every session based a report card of activities in that session. However Parents are welcome to communicate with teacher on a need basis through Smartwork Diary notes and preplanned appointments. The Headmistress of each unit and the Principal are also available over mail at all times if an issue needs to be escalated.

The PSA body( Parent School Alliance) is an endeavour to create a partnership which helps the School listen to and deal with student issues and parent concerns; and for parents to learn more about the School’s policies and strategies, such that there is an enhanced partnership in the journey of the child’s educational experience at Deens.