Presentations under the Guidance of Professor Ramani

Welcome to Deens Academy  Science Day Presentations under the guidance of Professor Ramani Students of Grades 7,8 and 9 explored the varied subjects of Genetics and Advances in Transportation under the able guidance of Professor Ramani. By clicking on the photographs or links below you can view further details on the presentation by the individual students in each of the ... Read More »

Poems by -Mridvika.K

The Misty Little Moon She sits there pretty, She sits there bright, She shines there like a gem In the dark night sky.   But hear her utter, Not a single word. She sits there very grave, Always in a pensive mood.   Her tiny little cousin, Sits by her side. Too lazy to move, Never a speech bubble between ... Read More »

Event Schedule Volksfiesta 2018

Event Schedule is as follows For further queries or assistance please contact through email at  volksfiesta@deensacademy.com or call our Events coordinator Mr Romel Kushalappa-  8747952434 Sports Events Event Name Grade Date Time Venue 1 Swimming 1-5 Wednesday, 29th August 8.30am Deens Academy Whitefield- ECC road 2 Football( boys) 9-12 Thursday , 30th & 31st August 8.30am Deens Academy Gunjur Foot ... Read More »

Volksfiesta 2018

Volksfiesta” – the people’s festival, hosted by Deens Academy, 20th to 31st August 2018 at the Gunjur campus ​Our theme this year is ‘Zest’ (Simple Pleasures). “The great essentials of Happiness in life  is something to do, something to love and something to hope for” . Volksfiesta strives to explore these simple solutions and more in our people’s fest which ... Read More »

Feminism in India- Fad or Fab?

Feminism is defined as the equality between both genders. For a long time, the female population has been oppressed and mistreated. In the modern times, however, women have been fighting this oppression and asking for their rights. This is needed and one rightfully so. Many of us, who live in urban areas, are luckily treated as equals. However, gender discrimination ... Read More »

Registration forms for Volksfiesta 2017

SCHOOL ACCEPTANCE AND REGISTRATION Thank you for participating in this Volksfiesta. By registering, you  affirm that you will abide by the competition rules and guidelines.  We believe in fun, free and fair competition.  We are grateful for your participation and will work with you make  it a highly successful event. Steps for your school to register for the competition: Please ... Read More »

Sports Events at Volksfiesta 2017

Sports Events for Boys and Girls Events Schedule Event Name Grade Venue Event Time Basketball 8-12 Deens Academy Gunjur 9.00am on 17th and 18th Aug Football 6-12 Deens Academy Whitefield 9:00 am on 16th and 17th Aug Athletics 6-12 Deens Academy Gunjur 9:45 am on 17th and 18th Aug Read More »