CSR Endeavour by Grade 11

Constantly overlooked and undermined, our Constitution has lost a lot of its value which directly impacts its power. The constitution gives us power but if we do not use it, it becomes worthless. It is for the same reason why the Political Science students of grade 11 decided to take up the initiative and help revive the trust we all lost in the Indian constitution.

What started off as a simple talk we intended to give the aunties and other 11th graders evolved itself into a mini social campaign. We decided to conduct a competition of sorts based on what the students from grades 9-12 would have to say about the constitution. Amendments they would like to add and their opinions were expressed in under 350 words on 26th November which was the day of the competition and also National Law Day. We received the most interesting essays with topics ranging from sedition to salt taxation and we were intrigued to say the least.
A few days prior to this, we conducted a small session with the aunties in regional languages about their rights and how they are all protected by the law. Later, we addressed the whole of grade 11 about their duties as Indian citizens and how they are all capable and responsible for the country’s development. We urged both groups to reach out for help and make use of tools like the RTI and PIL.
In conclusion, we believe that we may have inspired change and its not just one dimensional or just for show. It is a conscious effort for a better legal system, a better government and a better nation.
We take this opportunity to thank Shiva sir who constantly guided and supported us through the entire process.