DMUN ( Intra MUN) 2019 Report

Deenites are always up for a challenge and the Model United Nations is definitely the kind of challenge they look forward to. Only a year old, the DMUN stepped up its game with larger participation and increased fervour among students and teachers alike. With a total of five dynamic committees ranging from the International Court of Justice to the Indian Constituent Assembly which were chaired by school alumni because of their extensive experience, the DMUN exceeded all expectations. Under the leadership of Abhilash Madhabushi who served as the MUN secretary general last year as well, the DMUN was an out and out  success. As it is a newly created platform it only makes sense to have new opportunities provided to students with no prior experience. This makes DMUN unique and this is how it has earned its title, a MUN with a difference.

Photos :

Here’s the list of delegates who won awards for exceptional performance in committee:

International Court of Justice:

Best Advocate – Louis Litt – Shiva Sunu – 12D

Best Jury Member – Rachel Zane –  Aishwarya Iyer 11A

Honourable Advocate – Daniel Hardman – Ankush Prabhu 11C

Special Mention – Samantha Wheeler- Abhinav Bhijlani

Constituent Assembly:

Best Delegate – Rahul Gandhi – Diya M Abraham 11D

Outstanding Delegate – Narendra Modi – Hiya Singh 12D

Honourable Delegate – Mallikarjun Kharge – Ritu Kumar 11D

Special Mentions –

Akansha Mukherjee 9D (Ram Madhav)

Ayesha Khan 9B (Arun Jaitley)

Shobit Arya 9B (Yogi Adityanath)

Maitreyi Ramdas 12D (Manmohan Singh)

Continuous Crisis Committee:

Best Delegate – Rhea Desai – USA

Outstanding Delegate – Aditya Rajput – China

Honourable Delegate –  Varun V – France

Special Mention –

 UK (Samikshya)

 South Korea (Aashita)

 DPRK (Aarav R)

 Russia (Meghana A R)

 Germany (Adithya Ajit)

 India (Swadesh)


Best Delegate – Aneesh Mukherjee – Ukraine

Outstanding Delegate- Atmik Das – Russia

Honourable Delegate – Mebin (G) – Oman

Special Mentions –

 Japan (Syed Sanie)

 DPRK (Shreya Batla)

 France (Aurek)

Security Council:

Best Delegate – USA – Tharun Kumar

Outstanding Delegate – Pakistan – Vishwanath

Honourable Delegate – Belgium – Hayagriv

Special Mentions –

UK (Suhaan S)

Egypt (Yuvika)

Saudi Arabia (Sanya S)

The best chair award went to  Aditya Singh who oversaw the proceedings of the CCC

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