We would like to say: WE LOVE MATHEMATICS

The Deens Math Club is a forum for students, who love Mathematics. We discuss theories, solve problems and have fun while doing so. We are thankful to Shanthi Ma’am and Tina Ma’am for introducing us to to Prof.Bharath Sethuram. Prof. Bharath is our first and last resort as we try to understand Mathematics better. He obtained his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of California at San Diego. Later, he taught in the California State University, Northridge. Presently he helps students in Indian Statistical Institute with their goals. Imagine our privilege and joy to have a person of his eminence associate with the Math Club in our school. Over the last year, we have solved problems and improved our understanding of many topics including Algebra, Combinatorics (including the pigeon hole principle), Geometry, Calculus … and we are delighted to resume our activities for
this year: we started off with a fun puzzle- how do you place n queens on a nxn chessboard. Prof. Bharath continuously challenged us – “Don’t take the easy way out”, “Find a formal proof” .. Who thought Math was so much fun? That’s not all. The skills of problem solving helped a few students qualify for the RMO exam.
COVID-19 did not affect us much: we meet online once a week and have our own Whatsapp group as well.


The Deens Academy Math Club is a group of 11th graders who meet weekly (currently via video conferencing) to discuss math problems beyond what is done at school, under the mentorship of Prof. Bharath Sethuraman. A few of its members had recently worked on the n queens problem. This problem deals with arranging queens (n > 3) on an n x chessboard in such a manner that no queen can attack another queen. In other words, no two queens should lie on the same row, column or diagonal. The problem has many solutions, in this paper they have presented one of them along with a mathematical proof using the concept of slopes. The paper featured in the November issue of the mathematics magazine ‘At Right Angles’ published by Azim Premji University.