Minutes of PSA meeting on 10th February 2018

Parents School Alliance
Minutes of Meeting
Conference room, Deens Academy

Date: 10th February 2018

Attendees: Ms Shanthi Menon, MrVarun,  Mr Ravi, Mr Rajay Aiyer, Ms Selvamari, Ms.Nivedita, Ms Deepti ,Ms Raynah and Ms Sindhu

Sr. No Issue Decision / Discussed points Action by Remarks
1. Issues with Teachers  especially attitude Shanthi Madam explained the mentoring program that is put in place for teachers.

Any individual case of any complaint of teacher having any attitudinal issue can be brought to her notice

·Any case where teacher has hit back on any complaint should also be brought to her notice.


2. Syllabus especially the level of Hindi in junior level  Shanthi madam explained that level is high in junior level to prepare the students for the higher level where the syllabus of Hindi is indeed tough. Hence school felt the need to keep the syllabus tough Nil
3. Safety Audits & security Shanthi madam explained that Safety audits are done by external agency and every teacher is also responsible as a Safety ambassador

PSA members also brought to her notice the gaps in security set up wherein children in buses are being dropped to servants without insisting on ID card.

Shanthi madam Security apparatus to be reviewed and tightened
4. Expansion / construction near Basketball court Expansion of canteen and workshop facility. NA
5. Audits by PSA members  PSA members can form a group or individually audit different areas like bus, canteen, security etc. They need to wear the PSA tag and carry it with them during audit. Any audit inside school premises can be informed to reception before commencing the same PSA members
6. Enrollment of non teaching school staff in various social security schemes Non-teaching school staff are vulnerable and need to be made aware of various social security schemes like PMJSY, PMJJY and PMUY. PSA members will coordinate with Axis Bank and other agencies along with school to facilitate the same.

Shanthi madam to revert with a count of such non-teaching staff members who can be roped in. PSA members to liaison with her

PSA Members