Minutes of PSA meeting on 1st July 2017

Parents School Alliance
Minutes of Meeting
Conference room, Deens Academy

Date: 1st July 2017

Attendees: Ms Shanthi Menon, Mr. Ravikumar Kalaimani, Mr. Varun Rangarajan,Ms. Sindhu R,Mr. Rahul Karangale, Ms. Anshuma Singh, Ms. Deepti Hansaria, Ms. C.Selvamari, Ms. Sabitha Subash, Ms. Nivedita Babu ,Mr. Rajay Kumar C, Ms. Neha Ravichandran,Ms. Raynah Remedios

Venue: Conference Room


  1. Introductions
  2. Scope of work:

* establish a partnership to enhance opportunities and experiences for students of Deens Academy.

*share ideas for improved academic and co-scholastic opportunities

* share ideas for opportunities for students to participate and engage in activities/ events  outside of the school

* Theme- Sustainability – solicit any prospects for students to engage and carry this idea forward

* Volksfiesta – engage PSA  in areas of sponsorship; inviting judges; carrying the word such that there is larger audience

*Sportsday/Graduation ceremony – helping identify chief guests

* helping the school in managing the traffic on the road outside school

* carrying out inspections of facilities

*moderating discussions among parent groups

  1. Election of Secretary – Mr Rajay Iyer.

PSA members will connect and form different groups in order to reach out to the

different tasks that they can be engaged with.


  1. PSA could aid groups of students reach across to relevant corporate houses to seek for sponsorship for Volksfiesta
  2. Eduflex issues
  3. Concern regarding the Hindi teacher of grade 1 at Gunjur
  4. Need to focus on Values and ethics for children
  5. Need to meet at least once in 3 months
  6. What other events can PSA be a part of? Teachers Day; assist to accompany students of field trips/ competitions outside of school