Minutes of PSA meeting on 7th Nov 2016

Parents School Alliance
Minutes of Meeting
Conference room, Deens Academy

Date: 7th Nov 2016

Attendance: Shreeja S, Aparna, Kavita Srivastava, Swati, Dahlia, Komala, Manisha, Reeti, Neelima, Vandana ,Sushila, Shanthi Menon.

Meeting Location: Conference Room, Deens Academy.

Meeting Start time: 9.00 am.


Agenda and discussion points:

  1. For academic session 2017-18.
  • Holiday list for 2017-18:

Ma’am shared the draft holiday list and a Holiday for Varamahalakshmi has been incorporated already. The reopening day will always be the last Wednesday in May, unless this falls before the 26th of May, in which case the school will make a decision of defering the opening date to the 1st Wednesday of June

  • Highlight/insights for new Fee structure for 2017-18. Possibility to reduce the %fee hike:

The fee hike will be Rs.6000 for each except senior secondary, where there is nil increment. Ma’am has asked feedback from PSA regarding the fee fixation plan mooted by the government (to be paid per person by the government which is Rs.1000 p.m. (This amount is only an approximation). The average fee paid currently per person is Rs.10000 p.m.) PSA has agreed upon the fact that Rs.1000 will not suffice for the proper running of the school.

  1. Field trip: Certain grades only have gone till now. Is there a plan for other grades:
  • Only grade 3 is yet to go. They will go only after the annual day.
  1. Costume cost for annual day: Parents have expressed concern that the costs are too high:

Ma’am has conveyed that going for wholesale purchases is not feasible and that a tailor has been given the task of stitching costumes. It was requested to ma’am that all costume should be supplied by the school as certain specific types are unavailable outside and it has been requested that the quality of the costume be such that it can be reused. Ma’am has agreed to look into the requests and also asked for contacts of tailors who can take the orders at lower rates. Pots for the ‘Matka girls’ will be provided by the school.

  1. Reason for emergency school closure (Gunjur campus) not disclosed and had many speculations from anxious parents as a result. Suggestion is to disclose reasons to reduce anxiety.
  • Suggestion for better boundary wall at Gunjur campus for heightened security from straying animals as it is in a woody area.

Gunjur campus has electric fencing now.

  1. For higher grades all co-scholastic activities (western music, yoga, art, western dance, Indian dance, theatre, etc) are included apart from the choice for clubs by kids. For better focus can the children be allowed to choose the activities that they are interested in.
  • Ma’am has conveyed that it needs some more thought and that she would work out a solution for this.
  1. Plan for 11th and 12th grades.
  • Currently following CCE pattern upto grade 10. The syllabus at grade 11/12 is a quantum jump from that of grade 10 and not every child has the aptitude to cope with this rigour. The school implements an assessment only to sift children by their ability and thereby guide them into curricula which is more in line with their aptitude and future plans.
  • Discontinuing with IXPOE. The school has its own integrated curriculum in place which is well suited for students appearing for CET.
  • The plan of inviting FIITJEE to conduct classes at Borewell road campus is being worked out currently.
  • All students need to take up an entrance test for admissions to 11th grade.
  • Ma’am interviews students to ascertain apptitude for the course chosen.
  • Bridge course is a procedure followed for all students entering grade 11 especailly in the math and science streams.  
  1. Projects in 6th grade are being done at home and students forming whatsapp groups for the purpose.
  • Ma’am has told that it would be looked into and that all projects are to be completed within the class hours.
  1. Northstar has been quite unstable for most.
  • Ma’am has informed that it needs to be reported to Mr.Atiq.
  1. Reports regarding admissions to Kideens in ECC road would be possible only if the child is admitted to Deenest was clarified.
  • Ma’am has informed that this was not the case and that admissions did take place without any such condition and for the grades in which there was no more space, those applicants including sibling admission applicants were asked to apply for the Gunjur/Borewell road campus.