Research Description and Fellowship Details – Saniya Mohiuddin

Saniya Mohiuddin
Batch 2016

Research Topic: Age Difference and the Quality of Mother – Child Relationship: The Child’s Perspective

Our research seeks to understand how the relationship between mother and child differs with relation to the age gap between the mother and child. Our hypothesis states that the lower the age gap between the mother and the child the closer will be the bond that they share. It may be seen that there has been a trend that women are choosing to become mothers at a later stage (after 30s) in life. This is intriguing and thus our study aims to find out whether there will be a difference in the relationship that they share with their children in comparison to women who become mothers at an earlier stage. Also, the population of emerging adults ranges from ages 18 to 25. They share a very close relationship with their parents as they start to relate to the position of their parents. Therefore, this is the perfect group of people to be a part of the sample. This topic has been chosen as an attempt to understand more about this relationship and which age of mothers share a closer bond with their child.

Christ (Deemed to be University) gave us the opportunity of participating in the Psychology Research Fellowship competition which would allow us to take our research to a next level and conduct it in a larger scale. As participants we were first required to submit our research proposal to the psychology department, who then shortlisted 7 proposals for the next and final round which was the presentation round. This round required us to put forth our points regarding the research, the topic, hypothesis, rationale and methodology that will be used to conduct and analyze data collectedthrough a ppt presentation. Our presentation skills along with the validity of our research to the current times were judged and also the methodology and data collection methods, scales used were intensively analyzed. As winners of this fellowship we were awarded a sum of Rs.10,000 to fund our research along with other benefits and finally the completed research would be published on the college as well as other journal websites.