Student Talk videos on Science Day

Our Children are presenting their exploratory projects in various topics listed below. Do spare some time to view and comment on the same. We welcome you to our Science Day celebrations tomorrow to view and enjoy more of their work.
Here are the various topics covered in the talks by the students.

Video 1 – Traffic management in India

Video 2 – Aviation Industry

Video 3 – Colonisation of Mars

Video 4 – Applications of Genetic Engineering

Video 5 – Process of Genetic Engineering

Video 6 – Information Coding in DNA

Video 7 -Genetic Disorder & its type

Video 8 – Introduction to Genetic engineering

Video 9 – DNA & Chromosomal Replication

Video 10 – De-Extinction

Video 11 – Importance of creative ideas and innovations

Video 12 – Transformation

Video 13 – Genetic Engineering -its usage and applications

Video 14 – CRISPR is a type of gene-editing technology

Video 15 – Genes Therapy

Video 16 – Hybrido Alpha



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