Volksfiesta 2019 – Grades 1-5

Volksfiesta – On August 17th at Deens Academy Gunjur campus

  1. Graffiti MS paint: A team of 2 students ( one from Grade 1 and one from Grade 2)  will  create a poster using Microsoft Paint on the topic – Out in the Garden which features a minimum 6 things within 30 minutes with a buffer of 10 minutes for explanations and buffer. No reference material will be allowed inside the competition area. The criteria for judgement would be neatness,  quality of sketching and overall presentation, usage of colour and variety of items ,relevance to topic and adherence to time.  Each school may send a maximum of 2 teams. Registration form link.
  2. Greenalicious bake- off: A team of 2 cake artist from Grade 2 & 3 decorate a cake to the theme “Going green with cakes- being greenalicious (green and delicious) . The team would bring their own cake( 1-1.5kgs) with maximum 10 inches width or diameter. They will be given 1.5 hours to decorate the cake. We will grant extra points to original creations than precut and ready made decorations.A small name card ( maximum 4X4 inches) can also be placed in front of the cake with an original name and names of the participant. We will also assist them in an auction for selling the cake after the competition.  Each school can send upto 2 teams. Registration form link.
  3. Comic Strip- My Super hero: A pair of artists from Grade 4 & 5 will create a comic strip of minimal 9 panels on the topic “My Superhero”, within a period of 1 hour. A synopsis or introduction (100 words) can be written and placed beside the comic strip. Each school can send a maximum of 3 participants for this competition. The children will be provided 2 A4 size sheets and 1 regular chart paper. All other stationery and material would need to be procured by the participant. Registration form link.
  4. Smart moves: A team of 4 brilliant geeks from Grade 3 and 4 work to crack various mind games ( individually/ in pairs/ as a team)  like crossword, Sudoku, rubiks cube and math problems of increasing difficulties and levels  to emerge and the quickest and smartest among schools. Each school can send one team. Registration form link.
  5. Danspiration: A troupe of 8-10 dancers from grade 3-5 will perform for 5 minutes ( inclusive of entry exit and stage set up) in a style of their choice on that theme – Swatch Bharath.  Extra marks would be awarded for unique props and styles . The teams will be grades based on performance skills, props and costume, choreography and coordination, adherence to time and theme etc. Teams will lose points for any vulgar moves, profanity in the lyrics and exceeding of time limit. The music needs to be mailed to the organizers on or before 15th August. Registration form link.