Volksfiesta 2019 – Grades 6-8

Volksfiesta – On August 17th at Deens Academy Gunjur campus

  1. Broadway melody: Hollywood Musical dance drama by a team of 8-10 members  in a ten minute display of talent. The time is inclusive of entry exit and stage set up. This can be preceded by a 1 minute announcement to introduce their presentation. The music of the presentation needs to be from the soundtrack of a Hollywood movie. The judgement criteria would include the following: creativity (Title of the act, props, costume and choice of music), Choreography and overall performance. Teams will lose points for any vulgar moves, profanity in the lyrics and exceeding of time limit. The music needs to be mailed to the organizers on or before 15th August. Registration form link.
  2. Nukkad Natak: A team of 8-10 members  will be given 10 minutes to portray the theme (Gender Equality- where ever there is equality there is property) as a street play.  The street play can be presented in any or all of the languages- English, Hindi and Kannada.  After arriving at the venue, the children would need to paint their faces for the competition. 30% of the points awarded are for the facepaint and costume. The judgement criteria would be content, expression , costume/ usage of props, facepaint , humour and adherence to time. Registration form link.
  3. Turncoat: Students are given topics for debate 15 minutes before the event. Each participant would be given 2 minutes ( 1+1) to speak about the topic. One minute would be for the topic and one minute would be against the topic.  A buzzer will be sounded after one minute to warn the student to turncoat and again after 1 minute to stop speaking. Anything spoken after buzzer will be ignored. Judgement criteria would be Clarity of Thought , Content, Spontaneity in change, balanced approach to the topic, overall presentation. Registration form link.
  4. Action quest: A Treasure hunt by team of 4 will solve clues to find locations and undertake tasks to get further clues in format of the amazing race. Each school can send upto 2 teams. Registration form link.
  5. A Show of hands: In this game of dumb charades for idioms and proverbs in the English language, A team of 5 participants will put on their thinking caps and channel their inner linguists.  One member must enact the idiom/ proverb given and the team tries to guess it within 2 minutes. Bonus points will be granted if the team is able to explain the meanings as well as its usage. As the game progresses, participants will be challenged to illustrate the idioms/proverbs  as well as create stories to explain the usage. Registration form link.
  6. Harmoniesta Choir: A school choir of maximum 25 students from grade 6-12 including instrument players will present a song in English for a maximum of 10 minutes inclusive of entry exit and testing. The judgement criteria for this event would be Tone, intonation, Musical effect and Balance. We will provide 2 level stands which can hold 10 singers each. Drum set is the only instrument provided by our school Registration form link.