Volksfiesta 2019 – Grades 9-12

Volksfiesta – On August 17th at Deens Academy Gunjur campus

1.Quality Circle Presentation–  A group of  5 students and a teacher/mentor/facilitator. identify a problem in their respective school/locality that needs to be resolved. The team needs to brainstorm on solutions and find ways to implement them. This process needs to be presented with evidence in a 10 minute slot of max15-20 PPT slides. This will be followed by a 2 minutes Q & A by the judges. The judgement criteria would be Choice of project ( 15points) Analysis ( 10 points), Solutions ( 30points) and Outcome ( 45points) . Registration form link 

2. Sonder- “The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own”. A team of 5 members will create a short film on the topic “I See you” of the duration 10 minutes. The short film needs to be submitted via email on or before 15th August. There will be a 2-minute Q & A by the Judges after each film is screened. The Winner’s short film will be played during closing ceremony.The judgement criteria for the competition is story-content, production, direction, editing, sound quality and effects.Registration form link

3.The Deens Playhouse-A 20 Min Theatre Production : A team of 8 to 10 members  present a theatre production for the time duration of 20 minutes on the topic “Societal and Cultural Impact on Mental Health”. Scripts need  to be designed by the students; plagiarism will not be entertained. The performance will be judged on the following criteria – creativity, dialogue, theme, voice, blocking, characters, facial expressions/body language, props, costumes, entertainment value, and overall presentation. Registration form link.

4.Harmoniesta Choir: A school choir of maximum 25 students from grade 6-12 including instrument players will present a song in English for a maximum of 10 minutes inclusive of entry exit and testing. The judgement criteria for this event would be Tone, intonation, Musical effect and Balance. We will provide 2 level stands which can hold 10 singers each. Drum set is the only instrument provided by our school Registration form link.

5.Glimpse: (Poetry, Poster and Role-play): A team of 5-7 participants from grades 9-12 create a poem on a theme announced on the day of the event. The poem should consist of a definite rhyme scheme having a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 6 stanzas of 4 lines each. The poem needs to be written and presented artistically on an A3 size poster (1/4th Chart paper). The poem will then be recited to a panel of judges and 2 team members can depict the poem through a dance or mime during the recitation. Preparation time 2.5 hours, presentation time will be 5 minutes. All mobile phones will be taken away during the preparation time. They will however be given back after the poster is submitted. All stationary will have to be carried by the participants. The A3 size chart paper will be provided at the venue of the event. The registration fee would be Rs 100 per participant. Registration form link. 

The criteria for judgment would be:-

For the Poetry:1. Creativity and Originality 2. Literary Devices and Imagery Used 3. Form and Structure 4.Relevance to the Theme 5.The Impact it Creates.

For the Poster: 1. Creativity and Presentation 2.Visual Impact 3. Relevance to the Theme

For the Narration: 1. Stage Presence, Poise and Spontaneity of Recitation 2. Intonation and Poetic Expression 3. Clarity of Speech and Diction

For the Act:1. Visual Impact 2. Movements 3. Overall Effect

6: Dabang Debonair:  ”Are you fierce, Are you Audacious and yet can impress people with your indomitable spirit and charm? Let the competition around you not take the better of you, instead find this platform to assert your unique persona and mental agility to overpower your contemporaries and emerge as the fearless ‘Dabang Debonair’ on the block.  Registration form link. Weigh your personality through the following rounds:  Round 1: Personality based Questionnaire  Round 2: Tasks  Round 3: Personal Interview

7.Design Hackathon( in collaboration with DQ Labs) : A 2 day design fest with mentoring and learning with the best in the industry. Each school can send one team of 3-5 members for each of the topics : Architecture, Fashion, Product design, UX/UI, Animation, Visual Art & Communication. A maximum of 25 children from each school can register (one team for every topic). The registration for each team  is Rs 2000/- for which each participant gets a sponsorship of Rs 2000/- off in the registration for the new course at DQ labs. Registration form link

8: Football: The football event for Grades 9-12 begins on 15th August 2019. Registrations need to reach us on or before 5th August. Fixtures will be announced by 7th August  Registration form link.

9: Basketball BOYS : The Basketball  event for Grades 9-12 begins on 15th August 2019. Registrations need to reach us on or before 5th August. Fixtures will be announced by 7th August Registration form link.

10. Basketball GIRLS : The Basketball  event for Grades 9-12 begins on 15th August 2019. Registrations need to reach us on or before 5th August. Fixtures will be announced by 7th August Registration form link.