Volksfiesta 2019 – Kindergarten

Volksfiesta – On August 17th at Deens Academy Gunjur campus

  1. Petite parade: A team of 5-7 children who are below the age of 4 ( age as on June 2019) will perform a fashion parade with outrageous designs  and colours on the theme: Chaos to Couture. The time limit for the performance inclusive of entry and exit and introduction is 5 minutes. Music for the event needs to be mailed to us the Volksfiesta team on or before 15th The judgment criteria are ingenuity, presentation,choice of music,  style and adherence to time limit. Registration form link. 
  2. Eco Raptors : A team of 5 children below age of 5 ( age as on June 2019) perform a Rap song for a maximum of 2 minutes on Save the Planet. Background score needs to be mailed to us on or before 15 August. Judgment Criteria would be clarity and choice of lyrics, choice of music, costume, stage presence and group coordination. Registration form link.
  3. Folkids Canvas : A group of 2 artists under the age of 6 years ( age as on June 2019) present a Warli painting on an A4 size paper within 45 minutes. Each School can send upto 2 teams . Registration form link.