Volksfiesta 2K18 event updates

The Volksfiesta events were envisioned and executed by a team of students from our Senior school. We had over 30 events each unique with creative twist. The editorial team coordinated by Ms MSL Sanjana, have details on the various events that took place on 31st August 2018. We will add the photograph links shortly.

FOOTBALLRachel Elengical

The Football tournament was always the most anticipated event in Volksfiesta, not only for the players but also for the audience. This year, we saw strategic and skillful plays that set the field on fire and each team fought hard to bring their school to the top. Each player had their own unique abilities, complementing each others’ agility, strength and technique to contribute to the already adrenaline pumped matches. Even the audience gave it their all in cheering for their teams in order to motivate them. In the end, Inventure Academy‘s tenacious plays earned them the first position, followed closely by Deens Academy in second. All the Deens teams made it far, Deens Gunjur lost to CMR in the Quarter Finals after besting Foundation School, Deens Whitefield ( A) lost to Inventure Academy in the semifinals and Deens Whitefield Team (B) lost in the finals. Each of our teams did us proud.

Photos link :https://photos.app.goo.gl/XoUaFnpXzevYhZR46

BASKETBALL-Rachel Elengical

Volksfiesta’s Basketball tournament was an impressive display of talent and ability. The matches were short, but were filled with tension and energy. The players had to be precise, agile and aggressive, and they delivered that and more on the grounds. The boys’ matches were quick and aggressive, while the girls’ were more calculated and speedy. Each player had a good sense of the immediate actions that they had to take in every moment, and though there were some fallbacks like painful injuries, the players came out more motivated and stronger than before. In the boys’ division, Deens Academy emerged as winners followed by Inventure Academy. In the girls’ division, Brigade school took the trophy with Deens Academy following closely.


One of the most popular events of Volksfiesta 2018 was Masquerade, or more commonly known, the Fashion Show. This event for grades 9-12 brought about an emphasis on accessories, especially masks. The participants were given points on various factors such as time management, ingenuity, mask design, style, and presentation. All of the students displayed creativity in their own ways by adding a unique and personal touch to each of their outfits and a demo was shown by our own students of Deens Academy. The participating schools displayed their interpretations in various ways, one school choosing a tribal theme with their masks painted on, while another transported the audience through a history of masks, assigning them various countries such as Greece, Egypt and Spain. At the end, it was NCFE who took the position of first place, followed by CMR PU, with the both the schools impressing not only the audience, but also the judges with their flamboyant masks, and fitting song choices.

THE HUNT-Antara Naik

The Hunt was an incredibly exciting and arguably the most anticipated event at Volksfiesta. It had the students enthusiastically running up and down the bustling campus frantically searching for their treasure. The challenges were creatively overcome and the participants cleverly solved each carefully crafted riddle. Right from rolling out chapatis to rigorous physical activities like skipping, The Hunt tested a wide range of everyday skills. Won by DPS East and backed by NCFE, the hunt left the students mentally drained and exhausted, but they parted ways with memories that they will cherish forever.

ANANDO MILAN -MSL Sanjana, Prithvi Prakash

Anando Milan was an Indian Classical Music event centered around the main theme of “Zest” where the participants had to pick Ragas that would bring about that feeling. They were judged based on the Sur, Taal, complexity and their overall performance. An event with one of the highest registrations, the students brought along an electronic instrument such as a tabla or tanpura and were given 5 minutes to impress the judges with their performance. Our own students of Deens Academy opened the event and set the mood for the participants, who presented their own melodious renditions and breathtaking performances. It was extremely hard to pick the winners given that all the students portrayed their talents in a beautiful way, but it was Vydehi School of Excellence who won first place and GIIS who took home the second place.

SHIPWRECK–Kimara Vashist

Shipwreck was a personality based event where the participants were judged on their personalities and their perspectives on various topics and situations. The event consisted of 5 rounds and begin with the participants filling in introduction forms about themselves consisting of questions regarding their point of view on various situations. In the next round, the participants were paired up randomly and were given the opportunity to get to know each other in just 2 minutes. Next, they were asked to make a gift for their partner which he/she would like and were given only 30 mins. Later the pair was asked to exchange the gifts and give reasons why they chose to make that particular object and also had to explain the relevance of that gift to their partner.  After a questionnaire and one on one talk with the judges regarding the form they had filled in the beginning, the judges raised questions on the given information in the last round participants were given situation and were asked how they’d react in those situations and why they’d react like that. At the end it was NCFE who won first place followed by CMR PU at second place.

POSTER MAKING–MSL Sanjana, Varshika Rajan

Product presentation was a thrilling event where the participating students had to advertise the product given to them in a manner which would instantly capture the viewer’s attention while effectively highlighting the object at hand. A range of products such as packaged fruit juice, earphones, water purifier, etc were selected through a lottery system and the students were given 45 minutes to finish the poster and it’s distinctive three elements. Judged on their creativity, brand name, tagline and the relevance, each pair was then given 5 minutes to present their products to the judges and impress them. Certainly it was a tough decision for the judges, two teams managed to outshine everyone else, which were Gopalan Deeksha in first position with their innovative jacket, and NCFE coming in second place with their creative play on a coffee table.


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and keeping that in mind, the participants of this event had to portray their theme in 6 pictures. Each team was given a few hours to roam around the campus, attending the various events for inspiration and attempting capture that perfect moment which would fit their theme. The students then had to present the pictures they took to the judges who factored in creativity, adherence to the theme and the overall presentation into their decision. After listening to their interpretations and analyzing the photographs, GEAR took home the first place, and NCFE won the second place, both school showcasing their talents through personal yet creative photographs.


In this event for grades 1 to 5, a team of 5 students were given the task of creating a story woven from information chosen randomly from three bowls: character, setting and problem situation within the time restraint of half an hour. The students displayed their eccentric and interesting ideas and let their imagination run wild, successfully impressing both the judges and the audience. After being judged on the basis of their creativity, language and presentation skills and flow of thought, DPS Whitefield won first place followed by GIS which came in at second place, who presented their stories with passion, confidence and clarity


Zentangle as an art form is non-representational and unplanned, and in this event students had to use patterns and shapes to create a form of doodle art representing the theme “Zest- Simple Pleasures”. Creating as pairs, the participants were given an hour and an A3 sheet to let their mind wander and express their ideas freely. Though they may be only children of grades 6 to 8, the amount of of effort and talent that these students showcased was impressive. They were judged on the basis of the creativity of their ideas, overall presentation and neatness. Though all of students did a tremendous job and successfully highlighted the theme in their masterpieces, it was NCFE who won first place and Whitefield Global School who came in at second.


A play on the famous international game show franchise, Minute to Win It consisted of students from grades 9 to 12 undertaking tasks for a time period of one minute for each task. This required the students to think quick on their feet, and learning how to overcome the obstacle which came in their way. All in all, it was enjoyable and fun filled event with the students visibly thriving under the existing time constraints. The decisions of the judges resulted in DPS Whitefield taking home the award for first place with their spontaneous decisions and practical solutions.


An event which required a choir of little ones to use instruments to perform a group song, Folk Melodies showcased the enthusiastic participation of the little ones as they presented a song to a panel of judges who gave points based on delivery and cohesiveness, coordination, choice of song and harmony. From their creative outfits to their passionate musical performance, all of the teams truly gave it their all. They successfully highlighted the diverse culture of India in their presentation through the universal language of music. Though all of the teams did a great job, NCFE won the first place and Vydehi School of Excellence came in at second place, impressing the judges in all aspects, from their choice of props to their harmonious skills.


Garnering a huge crowd, Battle of Bands was an exciting and memorable event, with each school sending a representative of their best musicians and singers. Requiring to present a rock or pop song, the students had to had to factor in their tempo, pitch, harmony, synchronization and the clarity of lyrics in order to deliver their best performance. All of the participating schools definitely got the audience moving along with the beat, and the powerful vocals along with the excellent instrumentals managed to impress everyone listening. Each school presented their songs in their own unique ways, with some depending heavily on the electric guitar and another school incorporating the flute in their performance. With their professional sound, GIS took home the first position, followed by CMR National PU College who won second position.


A different take on the traditional Spell Bee, What’s The Good Word tested the vocabulary of children from grades 6 to 8. Over the course of 4 round, including a written round, the students had to perform under the time pressure in recalling the appropriate word given. It was visible hat all the students had put in their best efforts and worked effectively as a team to successfully pass through to the next round. At the end, it was GIIS who emerged as winners followed by DPS Whitefield who won second place.

PANTOMIME–Rohini Indurthi

With the theme of “Happiness Quotient”, participants from grades 1 to 5 astounded everyone by expressing themselves brilliantly, even with the given restrictions. Acting onstage is hard enough, but even without them, the children put on an admirable show and did not let this hold them back. The event was wonderfully organised and coordinated and the sound effects and costumes were on point. Each team showcased their talents with the key themes of zest, enjoyment and simplicity. After being judged on the basis of expressions and depictions of theme, costumes and background score, relevance to the theme and creativity and presentation, DPS Whitefield were announced as the winners, followed by Whitefield Global School who won second place.

DOUBLE TROUBLE–MSL Sanjana, Rohini Indurthi

Taking inspiration from two famous personalities, students participating in this event were given the task of creating a humorous dialogue with the aid of props and inventive costumes to find solutions for a happier life. The budding young performers displayed their talent by showcasing their interpretations on how to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and creating a balance. The students were judged on presentation and acting prowess, relevance of background score, audience response and moral of the story. Each pair successfully brought about a smile on the faces of everyone in the audiences. Though it presented itself as a tough decision to the judges, it was announced that DPS Whitefield took home the first place.


Renowned poet Robert Frost said, “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and that thought has found words.” In this event, students from grades 9-12 were given a topic on the spot based on which they had to write a poem within the 40 minutes given to them. They were judged on the basis of confidence, content and language, clarity of speech and voice modulation, timing and audience reaction. The students used the time given to them effectively and presented some incredibly thought provoking and meaningful poems, their play on words differing with their own unique styles and personalities. The amount of efforts which the students had put in was clear as each of them created their own language of interpretations. After much discussion by the judges, the decisions revealed that DPS East won first place followed by CMR PU who came in at second place.

NUKKAD NATAK–Rohini Indurthi

Nukkad Natak kicked off the day’s events with the participants bringing about light to the very real problems that we, as members of the society, face today. The various teams presented their outstanding acts through a number of issues such as the spread of fake news, the way it’s exaggeration on social media affects us and how people use this to put each other down, emphasizing on the disadvantage of technology in this aspect. The students’ stage presence, clarity and confidence instantly captured the attention of the audience and judges, with an understanding of the emotions the message carries. In the end, it was NCFE which managed to present a flawless performance and won the first place.


Students of grades 1 and 2 were given the opportunity to perform a musical in this event where the children took a song and performed an act with the 5 minutes given to them. The various teams brought about their songs to life with their inventive and original performances and managed to charm the whole audience. They were judged on the basis of their presentation and acting prowess, the relevance of the background score, creativity and the inclusivity of costume and props. All of the students showcased their talents with confidence and clarity and it was visible that it would be an extremely tough decision for the judges. Finally, the results were announced with Euro School winning first place and DPS Whitefield coming in at second place.


Melange was an exhilarating event which required students to creatively present a fusion of two dance forms within the given time limit and they were judged on the basis of their overall presentation, synchronization, costume, choreography and coordination among the dancers. The students of grades 6-8 representing their various schools expressed their artistic talents in their own unique ways, with most of the teams pairing an English song with a traditional Indian dance. Their innovative outfits, attention to detail and the usage of props along with a captivating dance performance truly contributed in making this a memorable event. Though all the teams managed to impress the judges, Vydehi School of Excellence and GIIS took home first and second place respectively.


Primordial Spirits is an event where each school sent in a group of little ones who were given 5 minutes to perform an act as tribal dancers. They were judged on the basis of choreography, costume and background score, presentation and usage of space, coordination between dancers and adherence to time limit. The students amazed everyone with their innovative and eye catching costumes and their distinctive dance performances. Although each team created a beautiful dance piece, it was Vydehi School of Excellence who won first place followed by GIIS in the second place because of their fluidity and captivating movements and their creative interpretation of the unique culture of India.