Science Week- February 2020

“To raise new questions, new possibilities,

to regard old problems from a new angle,

requires creative imagination.

These are the traits of a real scientist”

– Albert Einstein

Nurturing and refining young minds is the essence of Science Day scheduled to be held at Deens Academy On 28th February, 2020.  An event held in the honor of our great scientist, Dr.CV Raman  offers an opportunity to recognize exceptional talent, to explore and hone the true potential in the field of science, amongst a crowd of  brilliant minds.

The event is being held to honour and commemorate  the National Science Day celebrated all across India with great enthusiasm on 28th February.

With revered scientists on the panel the school provides an opportunity for interaction and learning with these experts. It aims at sharing ideas amongst students and gives them a chance to initiate, design and create  hands on projects and research under the expert guidance of these renowned scientists.

Tickling the budding inquisitive minds we have the esteemed panel of mentors:

Dr.Lavakare(The fabricator of this programme)– His contributions to the field of science are worthy of a mention as he has immense experience working as The  Senior Adviser, Institute of International Education (IIE-NY), in India; Executive Vice President, Manipal Foundation; Executive Director, US Educational Foundation in India; (USEFI)Adviser, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. As a scientist, he has an analytical mind and a wide interest in various areas of human life – art, music, photography, religion & spirituality. He loves to spend time with young students and plans to give back to them the benefit of his experience.






Prof.G Srinivasan– An Indian physicist specialized in the field of condensed matter physics and astrophysics, a visiting professor of the Indian Institute of Astrophysics and a former research scientist in the Raman Research Institute. He has written multiple books and thesis that have proved revolutionary in the field of astronomy, like- Can Stars Find Peace, What Are The Stars, From White Dwarfs To Black holes:The Legacy of S. Chandrasekhar, Pulsars: Proceedings of the Diamond Jubilee Symposium of the Indian Academy of Sciences, and many more.

Prof.Srinivasan Ramani–  Professor Srinivasan Ramani has taught at the International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore. Mr. Srinivasan does research in Educational Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Communication. He believes in the System of inquiry.


Presentations under the Guidance of Professor Ramani

Dr.Viswanathan Hariharan- Viswanathan Hariharan has experience of over 25 years in the IT industry involving Program Management, Product development, Lean Consulting, Business Development, and Quality assurance. He is currently working as an Associate Professor at BITS Pilani, a dream college for many science aspirants. He has also worked as Program Manager, IBM, and CEO, Harris Jayanti Technologies. The  projects created under his mentorship is updated in a details report. Please click on the image to download the pdf .

Dr.Vimala Oak– Vimala Oak is a Member Royal Society of Chemistry, UK. She has organized various Workshops and Coaching for Children, Parents, Teachers. She uses interactive learning techniques that ignite and engage and nascent learners.

Dr. Anand Oak- Anand Oak is a Ph.D. in physics and has an experience of over 40 years in his field. He focuses on unveiling the latent interest of a student.

Deens Academy is truly honoured to host this intriguing event and would like to extend the invitation to not just like its students, parents, and teachers, but also anyone who is interested in discovering the little scientist that resides in them.

Join us as we venture into this infinite world of scientific possibilities!

Deens Model United Nations