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Deen-a-logue November 2023

A celebration of Sports in India and at school, an eventful month of November showcased by students of Grade 7 through their monthly Newsletter Deen-a-logue. Read more …click to download PDF Read More »

Deen-a-logue August-September 2022

“Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.” ― Albert Einstein Our students of Middle school showcased many activities from #azadikaamritmahotsav2022 ,treks, events, thoughts and experiments in the Newsletter Deen-a-logue- August-September- 2022 Click on the image to download PDF   Read More »

Deens-a-logue July 2022

A special edition of our monthly newsletter dedicated to all the teachers of Deens Academy click on the picture to download pdf Read More »

Deen-a-logue June 2022

Resilience – the theme of the year is showcased in the stories and poems of the first Newsletter of the academic year. Read more   Read More »

Deen-a-logue February 2022

The month of February kept the children busy with a galore of activities. The Reading Campaign made them explore new books and new vocabulary; Matrbhasha Diwas – a week of celebrating our mother tongue – gave them the opportunity to dwell in their roots. National Science Week filled their time with scientific research, presentations, experiments and much more. This exciting ... Read More »

Deen-a-logue December 2021

our December edition of Deen-a -logue , showcases FIT India campaign activities conducted in our school….to read more click on the image Read More »

Deen-a-logue November 2021

Children of Grade 7 and 8 explore the philosophy of change and have written some beautiful passages on this subject. Do have a look– Deen-a- logue Nov 2021 ( be change you want to see ) ……click to read more Read More »

Deen-a-logue October 2021

“October is best known for its Halloween festivities and many international events. Children contributed their perspective through articles and art. The issue includes excerpts of a virtual tour and activities done in various classes. “ Read More…. Click on image to download PDF  Read More »

Deen-a-logue September 2021

Stories help us explain everything in our experience from science to relationships, from feelings to memories, and from questions to objections. And with every story we hear, read, or listen, our mind makes cognitive and emotional connections that shape our perspective of the world.  Click to read more   Read More »

Deen-a-logue August 2021

Celebrating the commencement of the festival season in India, our August edition features contributions from students from Grade 5-8 . click here to read more : Letter August Deens Read More »